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We start by listening to your story

Your unique home accessibility story…

It’s hard not knowing how to best help someone in need. It’s even harder when you don’t even know where to start. That’s why we’re here, and that’s why we start every relationship by listening to your story. 

Why is this important? We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with the highest respect. That respect is the foundation of our services. Together, we’ll help you overcome your unique home mobility challenge — and experience Whole Home Freedom!

Want to tell us your story?

Call 888-877-4NAC or email us today! 

Do any of these circumstances sound familiar to you?

Aging in place with your spouse

It’s hard to watch someone that you’ve spent the best part of your life with lose their mobility.

It often starts with a health scare or a particularly discouraging season of life. It results in a husband or wife living a increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Sadly, this decrease in physical activity leads to increased fall risk and further health complications.

We want to help you and your loved one age well and live a long and happy life. 

Real Life Story:

“When my husband Carl began to experience knee trouble, I quickly realized that steps were a real challenge for him. We called NAC and one of their friendly technicians arrived to assess our home and come up with solutions to potential fall risks for Carl. We ended up buying a stairlift for the second floor and installing several grab bars at key points throughout the home. These improvements have made a tremendous difference for him. He’s back to tinkering around the house and feels much better not spending all day in the Lazy Boy.”

How our client was impacted:

Living more independent
More confident mobility
Freedom to live life
Keep healthy and not sedentary

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Caring For Your Family Member

Managed care facilities are rapidly expanding as many folks choose to let other’s care for their parents or family member.

Sadly, 73% of individuals who spend their final years in managed care end up dying with little or no estate value, or passing on debt to their children. With little to no resources available to help an aging or disabled family member, why are we surprised?

We’re here to change that – We’re your resource for living well at home and in your community.

Real Life Story:

“When mom came home from the hospital after a hip replacement, she had so much trouble getting around that my sisters and I were considering placing her in an assisted living home. As a last ditch effort we called NAC to see what some of our other options may be. They presented several options to keep mom at home at a fraction of the  an assissted living home would cost. Not only is mom happier, but we get to spend time together as a family in the home we grew up in. Christmas and holidays just wouldn’t be the same with mom in a home.”

How our client was impacted:

Happier in home
Saving Money by staying home
Spending time together
Living out family traditions

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A helping hand for those in need

Friends, volunteers, or even paid care-givers want the best for those they care for.

While many of us have families and friends that will come to our aid when we’re in need, the reality isn’t the same for everyone. These situations are common — Elderly parents that have broken ties to their kids; disabled individuals with no easy access to community; or shut-ins that are too embarrassed to reach out for help. NAC is here to help improve that reality.

Real Life Story:

“When we were told my father in law would have to consider managed care we were floored. Not only could he not afford it, but being in a home would kill him – he spent his whole life from childhood in his home. My husband called NAC and they came up with simple straightforward solutions to keep dad at home. Dads much happier being where he feels most secure and he’s very happy about being able to pass the family farm onto one more generation.”

How our client was impacted:

Straightforward solutions
Happier and more secure
Protecting family legacy
Invest in future generations

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