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Patient Lifts for Home Use

Overhead patient lifts are designed to allow a caregiver the ability to effortlessly, smoothly, and safely transport a patient or loved one throughout the bedroom, bathroom, or entire home using either a mobile track or a track affixed to the ceiling. Also known as ceiling lifts, lift track systems, patient lift slings, stand assist lifts, portable patient lifts, patient hoists, and person lifts. Several different weight capacities are offered to lift and transfer people of all sizes up to a maximum of 1,000 lbs.

The overhead track can be temporarily or permanently installed and can be configured to accommodate just about any mobility solution that you may need (ex. for a person with disabilities, bedridden patients, or an elderly person). Options allow the user to independently maneuver the track. Mobile floor lifts are also available to aid in transfers while allowing the user to exercise their leg muscles and balance.

We install patient lifts in PA, NJ, MD & DE from our locations in Lancaster, PA and Philadelphia.

Patient Lifts & Hoists We Sell & Install:

  • Electric patient lifts
  • Hydraulic patient lifts
  • Manual hoists
  • Stand assist lifts (sit-to-stand lifts)
  • Ceiling lift track systems (overhead patient lifts)
  • Mobile patient lifts (portable person lifts)
  • Wall-mounted patient lifts
  • Permanent lift systems
  • Temporary lift systems
  • Bed hoists
  • Bath lifts
Patient Lifts (Ceiling Lifts) Installers
Ceiling lift installations in PA, NJ, MD, DE.

To Learn More or Purchase:

call 888-877-4NAC or

Our Promise

First and foremost, we promise to serve people with the utmost respect — regardless of their situation.

National Access Corp was founded on the simple principle of helping others. By helping others, we deepen our understanding of our communities, our families and friends, and ourselves. Our goal is to create better lives through independence. We believe that having the ability to enjoy your surroundings independently is a right — and it’s our highest priority.