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NAC Services

Home Renovation & Modification Services

Home modifications provide easier access within the home, allowing individuals to realize greater independence and an increased quality of life. Caregivers benefit greatly through reduced workloads and the ability to provide a higher level of care requiring less effort.

Loved ones benefit through the peace of mind of knowing that slip and fall risks are reduced and that their loved one has greater access to a more independent lifestyle.

We provide and install:

Barrier free showers provide increased independence by allowing an individual to enter the shower with little to no elevation change between the shower and the bathroom floor.

Raised Toilets

Raised toilets provide easier access to toileting and greatly reduce strain. NAC stocks leading names like Kohler and American Standard along with manufacturers dedicated to need specific solutions.

Grab bars are an efficient, cost effective way to reduce slip and fall risk throughout the home. NAC will identify risk areas throughout the home and make recommendations based upon current and expected health status.

Door Widenings

Our assessment professionals will identify key areas where modification will improve independence and discuss potential areas where doorway widths may present problems.

Accessibility Equipment Installation Services

Stairlifts, wheelchair lifts and access ramps greatly improve independence and accessibility, while reducing fall risk. Independence begins with the ability to safely access key areas of the home.

Second-floor living areas can be safely and economically accessed with the addition of a stairlift. Access ramps safely provide access to and from the home while wheelchair lifts may be utilized in areas too small or confined for access ramps, or in situations where space is at a premium.

We provide and install:

Our straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts are tailored to meet your needs. They’re custom-built to fit, no matter the width and curve of your staircase. Choose from a variety of colors and styles of chairs to ensure your comfort and safety.

We stock a variety of residential wheelchair lifts and commercial platform (or wheelchair) lifts that provide safe vertical access. These non-skid platforms are rated up to 1,000 lbs and are easy to use.

Aluminum modular ramps are manufactured to be maintenance free and are configured to allow safe access to your home or business. Aluminum and rubber threshold ramps are available in many different sizes to aid in smoothly entering or exiting a doorway in a wheelchair or scooter. Portable folding ramps are another extremely affordable solution for gaining access wherever needed.

Specialty Access Equipment

NAC handles a diverse range of specialty equipment ranging from overhead track lifts to custom pool lifts and outdoor stairlifts.

*We are your one stop resource for difficult situations and custom equipment applications.

We provide and install:

Pool Lifts

Pool lifts (manual and electric) are utilized in areas where individuals require or wish to access pool areas or sometimes boating docks. Pool lifts have also been used in dock areas for accessing boats, or for enjoying marine and freshwater environments.

These lifts are designed to provide access in areas where steps present a barrier to higher or lower levels. These lifts are utilized in situations where transfer in and out of a wheelchair are difficult due to reduced mobility or caregiver strain.

Vehicle lifts aid in the transport of mobility equipment to the grocery store, park, doctors office or wherever your day takes you. The lifts can be configured to fit a large variety of vehicles allowing you to transport your wheelchair or scooter inside or outside of your vehicle. NAC installs mobility product lifts that do not require alterations to the vehicle.

Other Specialty Equipment

NAC is continually adding to their line of specialty access equipment, which now include power lift chairs. If you have a specific need, and would like to discuss it with one of our access and mobility specialists, please give us call.

Other Services

Mobility Solutions

From lifts, chairs, and scooters, NAC will help you avoid a sedentary lifestyle by guiding you through your options to maintain your mobility and access to your home and community.

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Maintenance Solutions

NAC offers comprehensive warranty and maintenance programs. Contact your NAC representative today to learn more.

Our Promise

First and foremost, we promise to serve people with the utmost respect — regardless of their situation.

National Access Corp was founded on the simple principle of helping others. By helping others, we deepen our understanding of our communities, our families and friends, and ourselves. Our goal is to create better lives through independence. We believe that having the ability to enjoy your surroundings independently is a right — and it’s our highest priority.

Our Story


We started National Access Corp after experiencing the lack of accessibility solution providers when one of our own parents became disabled.

NAC is a one-stop-shop for home accessibility services, mobility solutions, and accessibility equipment – from installing handrails or stair lifts, complete home remodeling for long-term needs, to helping you find a power chair. We do this by providing everything from planning, installation, and even maintenance of your home access equipment. It allows our clients to live happier, healthier lives in their own home and communities.

Our mission is to provide accessibility and mobility resources and services to enable spouses, adult children, and caregivers to provide a healthy life for their loved one living with a disability or physical handicap. We want to help you give them their Whole Home Freedom!

Our business starts by listening to your story.

Now, hear from some of those people after the job was complete.